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This site is maintained for reporters and the media seeking background information concerning the Council of Docked Breeds. It contains historical Press Releases and Article Reprints to be viewed or downloaded in .pdf (portable document file) format

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CDB Press Releases

Reprints of Press Releases from 1995 to 2006

Issued Subject
14/03/2006 Working dog docking exemption not workable

Last stand for docked dogs at Crufts?


Overwhelming vote for continuation of tail docking from the public

16/10/2002 Proposed docking ban ignores consultation responses
12/05/2001 "Think dog" on Election day, urges CDB
17/04/2001 Protection of Animals guidance notes welcomed
19/11/2000 Bill carries excess baggage
03/08/2000 CDB applauds as vets ditch Euro pet charter
11/05/2000 CDB says no to European pet charter
21/10/1999 Undocked Ben's police career cut short
10/06/1999 Norway to ban docked dogs
20/05/1999 Cruelty charges dropped in docking case
10/12/1998 New Euro dog laws are a warning, breeders told
08/06/1998 Sweeping new powers in Austrian animals Act
28/04/1998 German docking ban is a warning from Europe
01/12/1997 Back door ban "seen off", breeders told
21/11/1997 Court agrees docking not cruel
12/05/1997 "Sleepy" Convention should not be pet priority says European sportsmen's leader
25/04/1997 Candidates shift over Euro Convention
15/04/1997 Euro charter would see Labour's bulldog banned
26/02/1997 Dog breeders to fight "Euro Dogs" threat
16/04/1996 Swedish shooter's docking plea rejected
07/03/1996 Finnish vote is a warning, says breeders
06/03/1996 Docked dogs will dominate at Crufts
09/11/1995 Vets "Docking report" a recipe for misunderstanding
07/08/1995 Welcome for overturning of Swedish docking ban
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